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Congratulations on taking your first step on the way to better bookings. Here's what you need to do to personalise the application.

Step 1: Configure your accommodation types

To customise your accommodation types so that they reflect your business follow the instructions here

Step 2: Set your Pricing and Allocation

For each accommodation type you will need to decide how to price them and how many accommodation slots you make available. You can do this from the allocation tab - we have provided a useful guide in the allocation section. Once this is done you will be able to use bookingflow to get a quote when creating a booking.

Step 3: Create your first booking

The + icon should always be available in the top left of the application. Clicking on it will bring up a form to create a new booking. Fill out the form and hit the calculate button to get a quote for the booking (this is based on the prices you added in the previous section). Assuming there is availability in that time period you should now see a price. You also have the option to manually override the price before submitting the booking.

As taking bookings is a core part of our daily tasks, we have made it possible to add bookings from whichever screen you are on. Look for the "new booking +" button in the top right of each screen. A form should pop up for you to enter the details - it's as simple as that!

Step 4: Import previous bookings

Bookingflow provides some powerful functionality for comparing your performance over time and it really helps to add your historic bookings. The quick way to do that is via our data import functionality follow this guide to learn more about that.

Step 5: Enable Online Bookings [Premium + Plus accounts]

We provide a simple way to accept bookings through your own website - the bookings made through this channel get recorded directly to our system.

Step 1: Navigate to the website section of account settings.

Step 2: Upload a banner image (recommended size: 1920px x 600px)

Step 3: Select each accommodation type and add 3 images each

Step 4: Embed the booking button widget into your website - If you don't know how to do this then contact us via the in-app chat or send us an email at and we'll be able to help.

Learn more

Well done! Consider yourself well on the way to making the most of BookingFlow. We have a lot more resources to help you along.

Read the Guide — You can follow the articles in order and use the sidebar like a table of contents. They will walk you through all the functionality available in BookingFlow.

Set up integrations — Lots of other tools you use at work also integrate with BookingFlow. Set up some integrations to turbo charge how you work.

Ask questions — If there is anything you can't find, let us know via our in-app chat or send an email to